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    Sascha Neudeck live

    Sascha Neudeck is currently working as Sound Artist, Composer, Music Synthesizer Designer and Instrument Designer in Vienna. He is Founder and Owner of SubtleNoiseMaker a one man business building unique, fascinating weird sounding sonic devices.

    In collaboration with Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster he founded 2009 the Live-Performance Project MONSTERFRAU, where Sascha Neudeck is playing his self built devices and composed a live underground Opera. Several live performances in Austria, France, Germany and Turkey.

    Collaborations with: xx+xy visuals, Jos Smolders, Christopher McFall, David Velez, Adrian Juarez, (etre), Staplerfahrer, Heribert Friedl
    Labels: and/OAR, entracte, con-v, nocords, TIBProd.

    review of HELIX (CD together with Christopher McFall and Jos Smolders @ entracte):
    [...] what characterises these pieces is their juxtaposition of vast, remote beauty, coupled with detailed, mundane, intimate reality. Imagine working on some tedious chore in a Northern European potting shed while, outside, the Northern Lights rage. jsj, for example, hovers not unlike Stockhausen’s Kontakte, then homes in on some desultory found sounds, obscure jangling and scuffling. Elsewhere, cyber-fireflies sport alongside muffled, altogether less grandiose noises which make their own modest but insistent claim on your attention.


30.05.18 MONSTERFRAU "Love me Sensor" @ Technisches Museum Wien

25.05.13 MONSTERFRAU "Body and Capitalism" @ Sommerblutfestival, Odonien/Köln

09.09.12 CLONC (s.neudeck/h.friedl) @ Pealfestival VI Styria/Austria

07.05.12 MONSTERFRAU @ Erciyes University Kayseri/Turkey

29.02.12 MONSTERFRAU @ Postgarage Graz in the framework of
Mittwochs Exakt by chmafu nocords

11.11.11 MONSTERFRAU @ Schneiders Laden Berlin

02.09.2011 MONSTERFRAU @ VHS Donaustadt Vienna in the framework of Auf zu neuen Ufern

25.03.11 MONSTERFRAU @ WUK Vienna in the framework of
Heroic SOVEREIGNS, verführt. /ARTand POLICY - female empowerment

23.02.11 MONSTERFRAU @ fluc Vienna in the framework of club moozak

09.09.10 MONSTERFRAU @ Nestroytheatre/Hamakom Vienna in the framework of UNDERGROUND CITY 21

08.05.10 MONSTERFRAU @ WUK-Theatre Vienna in the framework of Jacuzzi - Some Days Of Performance & Party.

14.03.09 s.neudeck @ Amann studios

25.02.09 noerz und s.neudeck @ Sonntags abstrakt
(Postgarage, Graz)

06.12.08 s.neudeck (aka SubtleNoiseMaker) @ Un Son par là Festival (National Museum of Modern Art Nimes, France)

08.11.08 s.neudeck und noerz @ Amann studios

24.09.08 s.neudeck (aka SubtleNoiseMaker)
@ Klub Moozak (Fluc, Wien)

30.04.08 s.neudeck/a.hierzenberger and Heribert Friedl
@ Sonntags Abstrakt (Postgarage, Graz)

22.01.08 s.neudeck plays his selfsoldered sonic devices and i-pods @ ELAK-GALA (Konzerthaus/brut, Vienna)

16.11.07 s.neudeck/a.hierzenberger bespielen die Galerie Zeitvertrieb zur Eröffnung der Vernissage von Regine Kafeder

01.11.07 s.neudeck with GBMC 3 jahre SUBOTRON im wirr

25.10.07 5 jahre jubel GBMC im rhiz

06.09.07 s.neudeck with andreas hierzenberger @ rhiz

13.02.07 ELAK-errorgala @ dietheaterkonzerthaus

07.02.07 ELAK-Gala @ fluc

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Ing. Alexander Renner, Lorenz-Weiss-Gasse 5/10, 1140 Vienna, Austria