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    EARLabs 3
    Helix (E63)
    Composed between November 2006 and June 2007 by Jos Smolders (Tilburg, The Netherlands), Christopher McFall (Kansas City, USA), and Sascha Neudeck (Vienna, Austria). The composers have never met in person; all the material for this release was exchanged digitally. Mastered at EARLabs, Tilburg, 2008

    The first collaboration was between Jos and Christopher. Sascha joined the project a while later. The initial material (two compositions) was prepared by each participant and then exchanged via a web server. The files were subsequently edited by each composer, often several times, until arriving at a mutually-satisfactory result.

    Christopher McFall says: "I´m still thinking about how the three of us came together to create this project. A tricky endeavour. I will say that it´s a very fitting synthesis of the predominant [stylistic] elements that each of us brings to the table. Sascha´s workings seem beautifully controlled, exhibiting an elegant attention to tonal structures/static-like interrupts, coupled with exacting dynamic structuring. The field record- ings that he used for this project are quite robust. Jos´ compositions have a [distinctly clear] sound quality. The patterning in his works, especially those involving voice-based manipulations, is wonderfully pronounced in both character and dynamic. I see my own workings as dense textural arrangements and drone-based drifts."

    Jos Smolders is a sound designer and composer. He studied architecture at Delft Technical University but left to continue the tape experiments he began in his childhood. He also studied electronic and recorded music, and was co-editor of Vital Weekly for six years. He is a founding member of the renowned Dutch electro-acoustic ensemble THU20.

    Christopher McFall is a Kansas City-based composer.

    Sascha Neudeck is a biochemist and musician based in Vienna. He uses field recordings, electro-acoustic instruments, self-built devices and Max/MSP to compose his work. First edition of 300 copies

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catalog number: and.p33
title: Translations Of Opacity - For Michelangelo Antonioni
release year: 2008
format: MP3
status: available

This is an online companion project for the upcoming Antonioni double CD release entitled "Michelangelo Antonioni - Trilogy And Epilogue" (and/34), and is intended to serve as a general homage. The works featured on this project were solicited via public invitation. The artists were given free license to create work inspired by the late great film director, however out of all the submissions sent, only the ones featured here were chosen. Both the CD and online projects were planned and initiated (in June, 2007) three months before his passing in September of the same year, thereby making the launching of both projects all the more timely and poignant... Even though the courtesy of giving people a chance to download and listen to each track is given, it is highly suggested that the entire release be downloaded and listened to in its proper order, so that the intended flow can be experienced.


mikroton digital 1
Compilation of sound art, minimal and improvised music | Part 1
release year: 2008
format: MP3

1. Knut Aufermann Dyname [3:52]
2. Alva Noto Garment [6:23]
3. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä Pink Bread [4:50]
4. Frank Bretschneider Frijd [2:00]
5. Lawrence English A View At The Edge Of An Ice Field [6:40]
6. Freiband (Rough) Sketch For Autumn [3:47]
7. Heribert Friedl & Sascha Neudeck Co1P [10:08]
8. Kenneth Kirschner December 2, 2005 [26:42]
9. Kurt Liedwart Untitled [8:16]
10. Sawako Short Windy [2:04]
11. Wouter van Veldhoven Schetsje (Machinefabriek Remix) [4:07]
12. Zenial I'm With You [3:09]


release year: 2007
format: MP3

01 . gruene resonanz
02 . seitendick#3
03 . knochenkraut
04 . 160 mg
05 . stringent#3
06 . disarray

This new sound output [seroton] of sascha neudeck (biochemist and musician, based in vienna) is to carry out a test by the idea of different drone-interpretations. It is more a collection of different quotations in doing with such these topics. The result is quite different to his previous work, which was more noise- and random-oriented. This new section is quite a try to arrange such these things - from totally abstract elements to poetic narrative parts. Different ideas come out from an abstractness and get into an often sparely melodic part - otherwise a changeover from the lightness of sound into a deep and noise drone, which is interrupted by fragement spikes of sound. Neudeck is working only with software, sinus generators, self produced soundequipment and lately with the sidrassi organ (totally crazy tool). So I am often surprised by the result, when it sounds like a field recording. But when I see, how he works in his nerdy laboratory, I understand that his output can irritate.
[ liner notes by Heribert Friedl / photo by Sascha Neudeck ]

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